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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The DaVinci Code

To find the truth we need to go back in time. Not 5000 years but only 500 years back. You will find that all the laws were created by religion. This same system is being used in Iran and religion trumps the politicians. 500 years ago in Europe they had the same system. Anyone who spoke against the church was killed. DaVinci knew the truth, but he couldn’t reveal it to anyone otherwise his ass was grass.

Before his death, he revealed that when he painted the Mona Lisa he planted a secret code in the painting. Until now, no one has had the ability to find it. After Christopher Columbus discovered the New World and returned to Italy, he told the religious priests that the earth was not square but round. He was thrown in prison because he disagreed with the church. We don’t have time to give you all the details - we cut out the bullshit and will get to the point.

Many people at that time wouldn’t accept the brutality and the rule of the church so they came to the New World. After the colony was established, our founding fathers decided that America should be called the Free World- Freedom of Speech and Religion- NOT Freedom of Racketeering. They also made sure there was a separation of church and state. They made it so that no religion could preach where politicians assembled the law. They also made clear that this is a nation under God. Let’s stop for a moment. Do you know who God is? If you are a religious person or priest, you do not know God. If we all have one God, why are there all these different religions. The truth is - the only God you know is money. If people stop giving you money, they won’t have any God. Why don’t you tell the world that you are selling the name of God for a profit. Religion and politicians play the same game. Politicians sell their country for a profit. The separation of church and state is a sacred division like the separation of body and soul. Life is like a garden, you will cultivate only what you plant. It’s important that you separate illusion from reality. What takes place on this earth will remain on this earth. When you have some time, take a look at the image of your face in the mirror. That image doesn’t belong to you. Your wealth and your body will remain in this world.

Why do you think you will live forever? All humans were created equal. Why do you think you are superior? The only logical information we’ll give you is to take a look at the 10 Commandments. If you disagree with the 10th commandment, then the 9th commandment is the true secrets. Our founding fathers took pride in this because it’s not based on religion but rather on morals.

If you want to decipher the DaVinci code - you need a piece of paper, a pen and a small amount of intelligence. Let’s start from the beginning.

After Jesus was crucified, Peter told Mary and Madeline that it wasn’t safe to be there. So Peter went to Rome and brought a stone with him, along with Mary and Madeline. He picked a location and put the stone in the ground. He said that in this location, we will build the church now known as St. Peter’s. Peter also told Mary and Madeline that it wasn’t safe to be in Rome, so they went to France. We also know that Madeline was Jesus’ love and that she was pregnant. Some of Christ’s followers knew the identity but kept it secret generation to generation. The last name was Mona. The original name was Madeline, so they eliminated some letters, using the first letter “M” and the last two letters “MA” and added “O.” Keep in mind in those days, they only used their first name and nickname.

In 1499, Louis XII of France claimed that he was Pope. He divorced his wife he married, Anne, two years later 1501. He learned that Mona Lisa was a long distance relative of Madeline and the Pope wanted to “meet” her. If you are wondering why Mona is smiling in the picture its because she has many secrets. In order to decipher the DaVinci code, you need a machine that can take you back 600 years and the secret has been in front of you all along. The secret is that the first letter in “Lisa” - the L was manipulated. There is a secret in the eyes of the painting reveals a “T” “PP” and a “C”. If you take the two “L”s, turn them upside down and arrange them side by side you will have a “T”. If you turn an “L” upside down and make it face to the right, you will have a “P” (the letter L was written with a small tail on the end of it in those days). Now take the “L” away from Lisa you now have “Pisa.” If you put the T in - you will be taken to the Tower of Pisa. Now we have Tower, Pisa and the Pope. The only letter remaining is the “C” which brings us to the city of Conversano which is located in a part of Puglia and is also home to one of the oldest convents in Italy.

So Mona Lisa, she was a superstar to the top kings and the Pope. As a matter of fact, if you go to the Tuscany region today and someone calls you Mona, regardless if you are a man or a woman - they are actually calling you a big cunt.