America, if you don't like it, you can always leave. The underworld organization profiles everything that moves. We profile whites and blacks, and any color in between. Is not about your color, its about your mentality. We not only profile humans, but also animals. For instance, the cat that lives next door. Everyone says, 'What a nice kitty he is.' But at the same time, he gangs up on my birds. The question is simple. If we are bad people in this country, then why are you here?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Obama is a good man but...

Obama is a good man but in the real world, being a good man isn't enough. A good leader must be firm in his decisions, unless you ask the question to those heroin sniffers from Hollywood Blvd. 90% of the time they dont' have any idea where their brain is located. But if you ask the question to someone who has some intelligence and understands world affairs, they'll tell you that doesn't make any sense. So, in plain English, what we are trying to tell you is that you could be a disaster for our future generations, and furthermore, because of the way you speak you're a danger to our troops in the field. Mr. Obama, we take pride in being American, more than some people on Capitol Hill.

Earlier this year, Nancy Pelosi brought her grandchildren to Capitol Hill when she took her new position, to show the world that she took pride in her children and grandchildren. And we are sure that you love to see your own children when you go home to Illinois. But with all due respect, don't shit all over our children, and most of all our troops. Keep in mind the American troops are the best heroes we have left, willing to give their lives every day whether they feel good or not. We wish they could do the same thing that politicians do: go to their post, shower, shave, shit and go in front of the camera to give a line of bull - saying 'we'll see you later!' The truth is Obama, that the politicians broke something....and someone must fix it. Its like if we came to your house and trashed it, don't you think we should be responsible to fix what we broke. So why are you telling the Iraqi people to go to hell. We trashed their country and now we are leaving. This is perhaps the the Democrat style, but not the American style.