America, if you don't like it, you can always leave. The underworld organization profiles everything that moves. We profile whites and blacks, and any color in between. Is not about your color, its about your mentality. We not only profile humans, but also animals. For instance, the cat that lives next door. Everyone says, 'What a nice kitty he is.' But at the same time, he gangs up on my birds. The question is simple. If we are bad people in this country, then why are you here?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Russian Spy

For those who don't know Putin, he was the director of the Russian spy agency called the KGB. After he ran for President in Russia and he won the election, the first thing he did was to try to sabotage the Ukrainian election. After the Ukrainian people realized that the election was sabotaged, they protested in the street. After they recounted the votes, the man who was backed by Russia lost. In return, Putin ordered that the winner should be poisoned with a poison called R&R. This was the same poison that was used in London on a Russian spy who had defected. This poison doesn't kill you instantly but will kill you within two weeks for sure. Is Putin one evil man?

Years after, Putin met with American President Bush, who said that he looked Putin in the eyes and saw an angel. If Putin is an angel, Cheney must be some god from hell. At one point, Putin met a young ballerina. She was 16, beautiful and he said she was all his. He told her that if she spread her wings and she let him come inside, not only would he make her a top star, but also a top spy. After a Russian newspaper reported the sexual affair, Putin had the newspaper shut down.

In 2010, the Russians and Americans decided to exchange some of their spies. Putin told the Russian people that he would take good care of the Russian spy. He definitely did. One thing we know for sure. Many young people from around the world would love to suck her nipple. If Berlusconi had sex with that woman, he would have had a heart attack.


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