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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

3 Million Jobs

Obama, the only way you will make progress is to tell the American people the truth. Nothing more and nothing less than the damn truth. If you have nothing to hide, why was health care reform behind closed doors. We don't want Al Capone Chicago style health care. If the health care doesn't have a public option then we don't want it. We are not here to beat you up with a mop. By the way, you are not using a mop from the Dollar Store. In order to clean this mess you need a big ass mama mop. Last year, you displayed your stimulus package. We told the people that this was a Blagoavich stimulus job creation package. The message also said that you are biting off more than you can chew and you are doing everything ass backwards.

If you read the information that we posted a year ago, you'll find that that we don't lie for anyone. Those stimulus jobs are a disaster. In order to visualize this inflation - it's like you see an oil well is on fire. You can throw all the water that you have at it but you won't put the fire out.

In order to stop this fire, you need to create a big explosion with another fire. The explosion that you should use, called the stimulus package, didn't put out the fire. It created more problems in the long run.

First you claimed that the stimulus would create millions of jobs then you changed your story. Keep in mind, on this website we don't get paid to tell the truth or to tell a lie. The only job you saved was union jobs and the only jobs you are creating are union jobs. This illusion that you are telling us (that these are shovel ready) is not true. 90% of the work is done by machines, not shovels. When you build a house you need to build a good foundation. You must start from the bottom and work you way up. So what you need is a large explosion and to create it, you need every home owner to do something. Keep in mind that every business needs customers. If you don't have customers, nothing moves.

If you want 3 million jobs in 3 months, you need to create bait. It's like when you go fishing. No bait, no fish. This is the plan. You need to offer to anyone who owns a house up to $5,000 when they spend $5,000 on home improvements. If you spend $2,000, the government will match $2,000. The labor is not included. This would create scams. Materials only are included. Anyone who would like to participate in this offer would have to get a building permit without any restrictions. If the owner wants to put new sidewalks, driveway, a porch or renovate a bedroom, or a new kitchen, floor, or even plant grass and trees this should all have no restrictions. The homeowner should decide if they want to do the job themselves or call Joe The Plumber, because the government won't pay for the labor.

The people that issue the permit should make sure that the people who participate show their original receipts for the material with a permit number on it to eliminate scavengers and fraud and ensure that after you collect, you don't bring materials back for a refund.

Also, if you shift some of the $30 Billion to a small bank, the bank has an obligation to give the homeowner a loan up to $5,000 and not club them with interest. This explosion would create a demand in labor at every level and will generate billions of dollars in revenue.

Right now you are paying people on unemployment to do nothing. How long do you think it will last?


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