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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Dick Cheney's Vacation

on January 27, 2007 a war protest was launched in Washington, D.C. When we reviewed the image of the protest, we realized there was all kinds of trash. White trash, black trash and multi-colored trash, and at one point we saw all these ugly faces from the past. Max said my mind went quickly backwards and he remembered seeing this image and ugly face before. What makes this protest interesting, is that the same ugly people that protested the Vietnam War, are the same ugly people who shit all over our Vietnam troops. Thirty years later, they are back to shit over the American troops in Iraq and some reporters stated that some white trash protestors spit in the faces of the american troops that were there.

This protest was orchestrated by low-class Democrats. This protest was not because you care about our troops, but about a cheap political game. If you want to play political games, use your spoiled brat children, but don't use our children.

Also, Al Gore received an award from Hollywood. They claim that Al Gore is the man that saved the world, so we don't have to worry about global warming anymore. The only thing this will do is that next time he gives a speech the only thing he'll see is more green ($$).

Also, Dick Cheney appears to be frustrated with the war. Perhaps he should take some vacation and history tells us that he likes to hunt. So we have a great plan for hunting. He should go to the Mexican border and he can hunt down some of those drug smugglers. According to our record, you are at the top of the list to make peoples 'head spin'. And if a drug smuggler files any charge against you, don't worry. You will find someone who can pull some strings in the Justice Department.

Also, if you decide to go, we are wondering if you could take Hillary with you. She is running for President and she doesn't have any idea what war combat is. You could give her some training. But we warn you, she will make your head spin with her mouth! Two weeks ago she told the American people that President Bush made the mess and that he should clean it up. But she failed to clean the mess that her husband made in the Oval Office. The sperm that was splattered all over the walls and ceiling is still bleeding through the paint. And let the record speak for itself: If you can't keep your husband happy, how can you keep the American people happy?

Dick Cheney, Good Luck!! You too make a good pair.


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