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Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Marine Monkey Trial

We have been following the trial of the marines who have been charged with war crimes. Col Steward Navarre from Camp Pendleton said in his statement that they take wrong-doings seriously. With all your respect Col, this look like the monkey trial, not the war crime trial. If you want to punish the marines in the field for wrong-doing, then this gives us some understanding that you don't have any idea what uncivilized war is. If you really are looking for wrong-doing, you better take close look at the White House and the Pentagon, not at the troops.

This is one of the biggest problems that we have today in the military - That most of the generals walk around like like a bunch of mummies. And they look like those generals from North Korea with all this scrap metal all over their body. When it comes to exercising the intelligence for the war, they are nothing more than a brain failure. Some generals said that they want to send a message to the troops to follow the rules. This sounds like another statement made by John Kerry in the Vietnam War. History seems that it keeps on repeating itself.

This trial is not about war crimes. It looks like a monkey trial Human rights issues have contaminated this political trial. When you put the troops on trial, you are not sending a bad message to the troops, you are send a message to the young people who want to join the military. It seems the military is a double standard. First you train our troops to kill, and when they kill, you put them on trial. If you think that you're so smart, why don't you go and shake hands with a suicide bomber, and when he blows you up, tell me if he is your friend or your enemy. And in Iraq, there is no friend or enemy, because as far as we can see they are all our enemy, including their government. For how long do you expect our troops to be a sitting duck.


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