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Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Uncivilized War

When we look at the Iraq war, we're wondering why many more people must sacrifice their lives for the sake of peace. If we take a look way back in history, it will tell us that all wars were based on greed, power, and illusion. And when we apply religion to the problem, you have a hell of a mess. And religion was created in a mist of power and corruption. Take a look at a man named Jesse Jackson. He lables himself reverend and at the same time, squeezes corporations for money like the mob. And then he asks black people for money for his party. That way, he can raise money to pay for his mistress' expenses.

In the Middle East, the problem is ten times worse. These people who claim themselves to be religious leaders are pure criminals and they should be executed sooner than later. The Iraq war was the right war at the wrong time. This war was based on illusion not reality. You see, our real enemy is not another human, but time. If you take a look at time, it will not go slow, nor fast. It will not stop for anyone. President Bush is trying to find a solution to stop the killing in Iraq. So he has assembled a bunch of brainless people to try and find a solution and they became part of the problem. They made a lot of smoke and when the smoke disappoears, we realized they were not cooking anything.

On December 12th, the best and most powerful strategy came from General Peter Charelli. This man not only deserves a medal, but he deserves a bottle of home made wine that money cannot buy. Send us an address and we'll send you one! Good job.

This is our version of the Iraq strategy. We call it Common Sense. If you think that Iraq will be stable soon, you're making a big mistake. It will not happen. We ask mother nature and she says that when you plant a tree it takes years before it bears fruit. You get the picture? It will take time. McCain suggested that we should send Iraq an additional 20,000 troops. With all due respect Mr. McCain, we are in Iraq not Vietnam.

Does anyone in Washington have any common sense? Look at Pilosi. She put Mr Jefferson to oversee the FBI. Are you people totally insane? Better yet, let the mob run the FBI so we can rename it the FBI MOB. Also, the CIA will soon practice a new intelligence. They call it adding. 1+1=1. Its like asking a plumber if he can fly a spaceship to the moon. Is it any wonder why we always fail? And we also are wondering if anyone is in charge of selling Cuban cigars? Many politicians ask the question: Are we winning in Iraq or losing. The truth is that in this war, no one wins and no one loses. It is not about stabilizing, but civilizing. In this war there is not quick fix. This war must run its course. Sending more troops to Iraq will lead to more problems. If you want to solve some of the problems, instead of sending 20,000 troops, send 20,000 trucks of food and the people will love you for it. Second, pull some of the troops back and let the Iraqi troops take responsibility. Give them a simple polygraph test to see if they are the enemy. And start a program to fix up broken down houses and buildings. Let life take its course.


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