America, if you don't like it, you can always leave. The underworld organization profiles everything that moves. We profile whites and blacks, and any color in between. Is not about your color, its about your mentality. We not only profile humans, but also animals. For instance, the cat that lives next door. Everyone says, 'What a nice kitty he is.' But at the same time, he gangs up on my birds. The question is simple. If we are bad people in this country, then why are you here?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Israel we support you.

Many uncivilized nations in the Middle East - they still believe that Israel are still slaves. The Palestinians believe that the land belongs to them. In reality we don't own anything. everything we have in this world is only temporary.

The reason you and I are here, is to master our soul. It doesn't matter how much money you have or how much power you have, you will die like everyone else. Time will not spare anyone.

Max is rewinding the history and he has found that thousands of years ago, the Egyptians fell into global warming. History said that in some parts of Egypt, it did not rain for three years, and they did not have any food... all the animals died. Parents killed their children and ate them.

Anyone walking on the street was snatched and hanged and eaten alive. According to some world experts, the earth is in a transition to reverse itself. Pollution is speeding up the process. Many Muslims love holy war. The truth is that there isn't any Holy War. Because all wars are driven by evil. Many Christians believe Jerusalem is a Holy place. The truth is that the Middle East is where the devil rules the most.

Many Muslim people still eat raw meat, like cannibals. They still smoke heroin and practice beastiality like they did thousands of years ago. The earth is divided into two parts; half evil and half good. You can practice good regardless of where you live. If humanity takes a close look at the way nature works, we would realize that we are here for a reason.


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