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Monday, January 23, 2006

Dancing with the Devil

If we are rewinding history in the Middle East, you will find that the Middle East civilization has been dancing with the devil for thousands of years. Not because all their people are evil, it is because their leaders are insane.

Take a look at the Palestinian mentality, when their children are 5 years old, the first thing they teach them is to hate other people, and then they give them a machine gun, points it to the sky and teaches them how to dance with the devil.

If the Russian President Puttan - is so concerned about the Palestinians, let the Russians support the Palestinians. After all, he is still running his country in an old fashioned KGB Style.

And at the same time, he is trying to sell his grandmother's dog, for the right price.

Max reports that the War in Iraq was not based on weapons of mass destruction, or trying to take their country or the oil fields. The war was based on civilizing the uncivilized.

Max believe that the new government in Iraq should get off their fat chair that they sit on and rule their country. I

If those religious people want to have a Holy War, Max suggested that we should bring our troops outside the city and let them have their Holy War, so they can reach heaven quicker. Our troops and the coalition troops are not in a hurry to reach heavean.

One of the most complaints that we have heard from the troops in the war zone is that they love their job, but they need to come home more often, because they say that they want to get drunk and most of all, they want to get laid.

Many Muslims have been saying that the Americans and the Europeans are their enemies. The truth is that they are their own enemy. Look at the leader of Iran, he acts and talks like one of the those heroin sniffers down on Hollywood Blvd.

Max is disappointed in why no one is taking a closer look at the Syrians. They are the worst enemy of the Muslim people, in which Syrians play innocent games. Max believes that the Syrians are in conjunction with the members of the Butcher family, whom lives in Syria, and is the main sponsor of the suicide bombing in Iraq.


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