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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

China's Strategy

In order to understand the truth we must go back in history. About 60 years ago a man named Jay said, 30 years ago he met this old Italian man on the East Coast that hired him to do some work at his house. At that time I was young and hustling for extra cash. The old man invited me down into his basement where he had a small shoe repair shop. Behind the chair was sitting a picture of Mussolini. He was telling me some of his stories of WWII. Jay said that Mussolini was everything to him.

One story he told me that I never forgot was when Hitler and Mussolini were talking about war plans. The old man said that he was there. Hitler asked Mussolini what was his opinion if they should invade Russia or China and Mussolini told Hitler - let the Chinese sleep. If they wake up they might be dangerous. Jay said after 30 years when the old man told me his story, I've been watching the Chinese and it looks like they have woken up.

A few years ago the Chinese Secretly launched in what they call the 50 year strategy and the first thing they did was to keep their people on a tight leash and you don't have to be a genius to figure what the strategy is. They want to rule the world within 50 years. Now if you ask the people in Washington, they will tell you this is nonsense, and the truth is many American Politicians, they live in a delusional world. Not in the real world. We the people will fight like hell, to protect what belongs to us. Regardless if its about illegal immigrants, or world trade or the war in Iraq. Everything in life must be balance, and right now nothing is in balance, and when things are out of balance it always leads to disaster. Right now our mission is to defend and protect our troops. And we are not happy with what the underworld "ORG" is telling us. And what they are telling us is, that the Chinese don't want this war to be stabilized, because this war has been financed by the Chinese. They want to squeeze the American people, like we squeeze a lemon. Keep in mind, they want to rule the world within 50 years, thats all they want to do.

The first thing they did was leech onto Russia, after the Al Queda and Taliban gave the Russians a beating for 10 years. So the Russians felt humiliated, so they decided to leech the Chinese. They waited for a time to vote in the United Nation, the Chinese and the Russian they always vote against any resolution.

If you have ever taken notice, the Chinese already ganged up on many parts of the world where many Countries are weak and in despair.

N. Korea is the Chinese puppy dog. The Chinese told N. Korea when to bark and when to shut up. Its part of the plan. The Chinese big plan is the Middle East. They brainwash the Iranian to build a nuclear plant. At the same time they said they are building a nuclear bomb. The Chinese secretary told Iran to do all the dirty work for them. The Iranian called on the Syrians to do some of their dirty work in Lebanon. So the Iranian and the Syrian, they both send some mastermind Terrorist in Iraq to make sure Iraq does not become stable. If Iraq becomes stable then the Iranian and the Syrians will gang up on Israel. The master plan is that Iran, they will want to take over Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and the rest of the Middle East. They are also well aware that the Democrats are lovers and not fighters. One thing we know, that many parts of the Middle East, they have been uncivilized for 20,000 years and you will not civilize them in 5 years. Saddam Hussein kept the country together by executing them in the middle of the soccer field, in front of everyone.

Do you remember the Golf War? Saddam Hussein told the world that his army was a war machine. They were the Mother of all wars, and in the end we found them to be nothing more than a bunch of cowards and brainless. And the majority of them, have no idea what street they live on.

The only war they know is street fighting. In the military, they don't practice street combat.

If you wonder why the military is taking so long to train the Iraqi force, we just told you. There is only one strategy that will stabilize Iraq, take all the troops and put them all around the border. No one goes out and no one comes in, and let them settle their differences. That way they know what is best for them. And when its over, then we move on and kill the rest of them and start fresh. We warn you, my fellow Democrat, if you mess this up, my only suggestion that I will give you, is run to the store and buy as many weapons and ammunition as you can, because it will be a nightmare.

Some rumors are flying around that the Government wants to ask Iran & Syria if they can help stabilize Iraq. This is a joke. Its like asking the Gambino family and the Coglione family if they could go to Washington and try to stabilize the FBI. But on the other hand you can fire some of those Generals in the Pentagon and let the Mafia give you some of their strategies. Maybe you will have better results. Remember one thing, the Weak and Cowardly will always lose.


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