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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The French Dis-connect

The French government said that they will pull their troops out of Afghanistan. The report said that the French troops are not able to hold their position because its too rough for them. This news is no big surprise. If you ask some members of the European Union they will tell you off the record that the French are a bunch of Zig-Zags. In America, they call it flip flopping. The last time the French had a decent leader, it was Napoleon. But the one thing that caught our attention was that Napolean's mistress was a prostitute. History told us that when Napoleon had sex with that prostitute, she was not happy with his performance, so he decided to let his army have some sex. He let the whole battalion have sex and after she went through the battalion, she replied that she wanted more. So Napoleon was pissed off and he decided to give her something special. He decided to let his horse have some pleasure. After she was done, she replied that it felt good, but she wanted more! Keep in mind that history speaks for itself. Our job is to decipher the truth and bring you the true facts.

Anyway, today most of us know that France is the capital for the best prostitutes in the world. So, being that the French troops are not able to fight the war against terrorists, the best thing the French can do is to send some of the women that they have to Afghanistan, and if you have some extra, send them to Iraq. We are trying to figure to out how many we need. If one woman can take care of one battalion, you don't need to many. Let's say you send us 100 to Afghanistan and 100 to Iraq that would be enough. Keep in mind, the one thing our troops in the coalition need is good sex, to ease their frustration. We've been down this road before and at the same time all the good prostitutes could generate enough money for your country. This way you don't have to steal money from the Iraqi people through the Oil For Food Program.


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