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Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Dangerous Game


During the primary, someone within your circle told the American people that in your early life you lived in a slum neighborhood in Chicago. Soon you will live in a place where the rich and famous are not able to live. Afterall, you earned it by telling us that you would be different from the other politicians. You told the young people that you would give them hope and you would bring change in Washington.

After you became a candidate for President, we displayed a message on the front page of this website telling you that if you are making a journey to the White House, don't bring any old trash, because all trash starts to stink after a while. In early January 2009, we learned that you are bringing to the White House, lobbiests, scavengers, and old trash....except Robert Gates. He's a gentleman. Keep in mind we don't sell fairy tales on this website. As a matter of fact, we don't sell anything.

The truth is that we see your behavior and you're acting like a fish. One day you go up the next day down. One day to the left, one day to the right. So its confusing...which direction are you going? However, we are not blaming you for the present mess that we have. If you fail the game that you will soon be playing, we hope that you understand the consequences will be huge if you lose.

Several weeks ago the Prime Minister of the UK told members of the Parliament that he saved the world, after he had a meeting with Bush in November of 2008. Members of his Parliament stood up and they started to call him another wacko under the influence of alcohol. After 5 seconds he realized that he didn't save the world, and he changed his tune. He told them that he was able to save financial institutions.

Mr Brown, the truth is that you didn't save the financial institutions. The American people and our children did. A man from Russia who claimed to have vision, he already placed a bet against Obama that he will lose his game. He predicts that after that loss, the country will split into three. Do you think this man is insane? If you have the ability to connect the dots, such events could take place. Also, the invisible rats that claim to be Bin Laden, they also have placed a bet against Obama, claiming that he'll lose his game. The real question is if all these people who work for the government are so smart, why are we failing. We have been profiling this crisis and there is one strategy that would create 1 million jobs within 30 days and generate millions of dollars in revenue for the city, county, state, and federal. After 90 days we'll have two million jobs. When the wheels start turning it will create even more jobs. This will only work if you use the right strategy. At this time we don't think you're using the right one.


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